Retro naked women


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Kajikora 4 years ago
Wish I could nut on that booty!
Arashikazahn 4 years ago
I love Eatin Pussy.especially as delicious as yours.then fucked you good n hard till your Squirt n have an orgasm
Shakall 4 years ago
LMFAO *fvcking dead*
Misar 4 years ago
with Fate 2's PC beta so far. Bungie's done a good job optimizing it. Even on my shitty, last-generation equipment, it runs amazingly well on medium-to-high graphics settings. I've got an FX6300 and a GTX 960, and with Vsync revved off, I actually average around 100 FPS. The lowest I've seen it drop is 45-50 FPS, particularly around the giant drill part in the strike mission. Game senses good on keyboard mouse, too! It was meant to be toyed on PC!

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