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Kektilar 4 years ago
Applying this 'intelligible principle test to congressional delegations, our jurisprudence has been driven by a practical understanding that in our increasingly complex society, replete with ever changing and more technical problems, Congress simply cannot do its job absent an ability to delegate power under broad general directives. Accordingly, this Court has deemed it 'constitutionally sufficient if Congress clearly delineates the general policy, the public agency which is to apply it, and the boundaries of this delegated authority. Mistretta v. U.S. 488 U.S. 361 (1989)
Gor 4 years ago
I would like her to come thru my ouija board.
Kagak 4 years ago
2nd time watching this, makes me so hard, but there's only one bad thing, the guys are too noisy.

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